How to listen to the sound from the TV through the speakers of the stereo receiver

In today’s growing world, most people use Stereotype speakers for good audio effects. if you watch a movie the sound effects should echo the place. Home theatre systems or stereotype speakers are used for hearing the tv sounds through a stereo receiver. HDMI organized the Arc features and another method is based on the configuration using an HDMI cable, coaxial cable, optical Digital, or Audio cable.

Choose your option according to the product’s connectivity. If your TV and stereo system both subsidize the ARC features then we highly recommend you choose HDMI to connect to your products, otherwise use other options.

HDMI connection using the ARC features

HDMI ports that assist the ARC system are named as ARC. ARCs are used for listening to the TV sound using speakers of a stereo receiver. Check your product manual, whether it supports ARC or not, otherwise stick to the other option. Steps to connect stereo type speakers in the HDMI form

TV input

Fix the HDMI cable to the HDMI port labeled by ARC or identify the port that supports the ARC. Operate your TV remote control, open the Home button, and select the settings. The next procedure depends on your TV menu options, if you could see the display and sound button select it and click the Audio output, then to the speaker and finally audio system. if this step is not working then change then move to the next module by choosing Sound then to speakers and press the Audio system.

Connection using an HDMI, coaxial Digital, optical digital or audio cable

sound optionBased on the type of television jacks’ position may vary if not these cables are available for purchase separately. The procedure of HDMI using digital connections

Connect the optical digital cable, coaxial digital cable or audio cable to the audio jack on your TV. Fix the other end of the cable with the respective jacks on the home theater receiver or stereo receivers. Depending on your gadget, the audio input may be labeled as Video input or TV input. Switch on your TV and whether you typically use optical digital cable then set your tv speakers to the audio system. on the remote control, press the menu button, and select the settings. The next module is based on your TV option button, select the display and sound option, move to audio output, then to speakers, and at last change the audio system.

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