How to fix no sound on a home theatre system

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Everybody wishes to watch a movie in a home theater with a full filed sound. If you were trying to watch a movie later you will realize there are no sounds. You could not find any kind of sounds coming from the home theater, sought out the problems by fixing sound on a home theater system. Either we test our speaker settings, mute, inputs and at last double check the cable options. This situation is really annoying when we endeavor to watch a movie.

To overcome all these problems there are ways to repair sound on a home theater system

Look out the home theater volume

home theater volumeHome theater receiver setting are totally different, you will experience the problems when your home theater gets repaired. When you annoying turned on, the speaker to mute position then later switching on the TV no sounds effects will be produced.  After solving the speakers setting you will analyze that the speakers are in muted position. Every speaker has different setting option, in that case many A/V receivers have volume knobs that can be turned in either direction infinitely.

In AV receiver by simply looking at the knob you can’t tell the volume of the speaker. Look out your volume button periodically in a high volume for you to hear things across all your speakers.

Check the home theater is on the right input

You’re a/v and TV receivers’ gadgets are using different input or source settings. These settings assist to find the sound and the pictures properly.  Every home theater has different setting modules based on the type of cables you are being used and different components you have installed.

If you could not able to hear the sounds from speakers or even video has no sound there might be an issue in your systems input. Change the setting options by locating the source or the input options on your TV remote. Press the input button so that you can see connected devices on the screen. Just stop pressing the input option for few minutes the problems will be resolved.

Use test tones to check speaker

If your speakers face a problem in getting the sounds, it’s time to test the receiver’s ability to produce the sounds from the speakers. In most of the speaker’s settings setup process are available that will allow not only to boost the audio level to a certain level, but also migrates the test tones to one speaker or the whole speaker in general.

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