Know the Difference Between Audio Cable vs Speaker Cable

audio cable

Audio and speaker cables are two different types of cables are invented for two different reasons. Audio cables and speakers’ cables should be used in appropriates positions. Using one cables in place of the other occurs abrupt failures. Both cables have same kind of connector with ¼ of phone plugs.

Connectors are similar in both audio and speaker cables. Why one cable shouldn’t replace the other have a guide for cables types and here examine their difference and purpose in more detail. The difference between audio and speaker cable are listed below.

Have a look on Audio cable

The instrument cables have high impedance and low power. Audio cable is fragile unamplified signal that boost up to a useable level from the guitar to the amplifier. It consists of single diameter inner wire provides 24 gauge along with small voltage and a small DC current.

It works as a ground connection with various insulator and jackets are running in a cord shield conductor. Audio cable is lightweight wire, small and good for cable flexibility. Shielding prevents cable from noisy external electromagnetic interference beside low-power signals are susceptible to.

speaker cables

Speaker cable

While speaker cable has high power and provides low impedance, it carried out with strong signals from the amplifier to the speaker. Speaker cable possesses relatively high voltage and AC current. Unlike audio cable vs speaker cable, it has two wire conductors in order to allow greater signal flow from amp to speaker. If you replace a speaker cable with instrumental cable, weak signals in the cable are handled by larger conductivity.

Speaker cables are not shielded up; hence it carries strong, any noise the speaker pick up are inconsequential, already-amplified signals it makes the shielding unnecessary. Smaller diameter wires have greater electrical resistance for signal flow and bigger the wire betters up the signal flow from amplifier to speaker.

Bottom line

The unshielded conductor of instruments cable can pick up interference from amplifier power supplies, fluorescent lighting and other external AC sources. Time taken by a pickup signal is the time taken to enter into amplifier input. Low level signal from your instrument are travelled into a conductor shielded from interference along with the entire length of the cable.

By using audio Vs speaker cable together heats up the amplifier and never reaches the speaker. Ac power starts leaking through the unshielded cables, amp wire or by internal guitar wirings.

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