Leading Professor says Music moves Minds

Neurologist and flautist, Prof Eckart Altenmüller is head of the Department of Music-physiology and Musicians’ Medicine at the University for Music and Theater in Hannover, Germany. A world authority in the area of “music and the mind”, his research focuses on the brain’s processing of music and motor learning in musicians.

Professor Eckart Altenmüller. Photo by Peter Hislop.

Professor Eckart Altenmüller. Photo by Peter Hislop.

Prof Altenmüller is in Canberra as a result of a successful application by woodwind lecturer and flautist Sally Walker, an ANU grant-winner.

He has consistently argued that music induces powerful adaptations of the brain in terms of increased neural wiring, enlargement of critical areas and improvement of memory functions, with specific uses in rehabilitation for stroke and Parkinson’s patients.

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