ANU Flute Day strikes the right Chord

The first ANU Flute Day, held by the ANU School of Music, drew participants from far and wide for an afternoon of bonding, learning and playing.

More than 80 flautists attended on 16 March, ranging from 6 to 80 years of age and varying experience levels. They travelled from as far afield as Newcastle, Wagga Wagga and the South Coast. 

Photo by Peter Hislop

Photo by Peter Hislop

Organiser Sally Walker, Lecturer at the School in Classical Performance (Woodwind), said she was proud to have brought so many people together from such a wide demographic, connecting flute players who might only have played with their teacher.

“As evidenced from our final concert, you still have a straight line from the highest level to where you first began,” she says. “So we started the day with everyone doing the most fundamental of exercises together: breathing.”

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