Musical Kin

Following our 2017 "Five Continents" season which traversed the globe and our 2018 "Musical Luminati" season which embraced passionate musical-thinkers, 2019's "Musical Kin" explores artistic lives of composers with extensive family trees performed by members of musical families.

Stemming from musical families, Husband/Wife Ami Williamson (Singer-Songwriter) and Clemens Leske (Pianist) and Father/Daughter Chris Allan (Piano) and Miriam Allan (Soprano) join Artistic Director, Flautist Sally Walker share part of their artistic lives with us.

Friday 21.06.2019, 7 pm Musical Kin Husband and Wife - Ami Williamson - Singer-Songwriter, Sally Walker - Flute, Clemens Leske - PIano. The Bach, Mozart, Schumann and Williamson families, including some of Ami’s original songs.

Friday 09.08.2019, 7 pm Musical Kin Father and Daughter - Miriam Allan - Soprano, Sally Walker - Flute, Christopher Allan - Piano.  Works by composers with extensive family trees.

Artwork by Judith Clingan. Reproduced with permission.

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